is a project out the depths of Detroit's musical melting pot. The current line-up is in the process of recording new material aside from the original songs featured.Vocalist / Song writer, Rob Singleton recorded these tracks before the addition of Richard Ksb (drums) and Chino Malo (bass). Presently the direction is focused on a wider array of styles pushing the envelope past "the norm" in modern music.

Convergence of emotion, intensity, integrity and diverse expression through an overall carpet bombing of the senses is the Treble Bleed vision.


 "as OPPOSED to",

Treble Bleed's first CD, consists of tracks ranging from obscure, moody passages to aggressive, ambient, odd metered annihilation. The songs are raw, real & deep enough to get stuck in. 

Treble Bleed will be returning it's audible & visual sensory overloaded live experience to the masses in the very near future!